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Pictures of Diva’s fashion finds and faux pas. Diva loves a reason to pose!

Diva’s new ‘hairstyle’ – Floella on Acid?

Yes darlings, that is the description of my new ‘hairstyle’. Mother please stop reading now. You may find these pictures disturbing. I’m sure you’d dispute the term  hairstyle being used to describe them. That is why we love you!

So this new style happened accidentally when, without elastic band, I decided to tie my hair up pre-shower and on emerging thought wow that looks great – go out like that! Sadly for right-thinking people I have had encouragement in this way deluded way of thinking receiving compliments left, right and centre from equally deranged persons.

My new hair arrangement has been described, rather aptly I feel, as Floella on Acid. Readers of a certain age will remember Floella Benjamin from Playschool, that classic, and now cult, children’s television programme. What’s the day? Time to play! And today we’re going through the round window… If you don’t know what I’m talking about you are too old. Only youthful people like myself will remember this show. Whatever happened to Jemima and Hamble?  I wonder if they now have their own shows?

So here is Floella, now a Baroness with one of her tamer hairstyles.


Picture from the Floella Benjamin website

On the telephone to a friend in London, I told her that my hair had been described as Flo on Acid and she insisted on pictures. So here they are for you too.





Now I don’t think was Floella on Acid was intended to be complimentary but I like it. I’m strange like that.

The question is dear Diva readers, do you? Love it or hate it. Let me know in the comments below darlings (not on facebook). It makes me happier that way. And I have to be demanding. I am a Diva after all!

The Heeled Brogue: Love it or hate it?

Hello Lovely Readers

My very important topic today is the heeled brogue. Now these shoes have caused some controversy. It would seem you either love ’em or you hate ’em. For me it was love at first sight. What say you?

Duo Heeled Brogues

Aren't they lovely?

These gorgeous specimens are from Duo, which specialises in knee high boots with wider-than-standard calf sizes. As a thin-calved woman that is not of much interest to me.

As a boat-footed woman (thanks Mum!),  Duo’s wide-fittings are heaven-sent. And what’s more, they’re comfortable. Style and comfort those two words seldom come together when it comes to beautiful shoes.

Duo Heeled Brogues

Are you in love yet?

I like them so much I bought them in black too!

These pictures were taken by Victoria on the day she had news of her new job. Big congratulations to you Victoria! And thanks for the pictures.


Champagne to celebrate Victoria's new job. Congratulations!

Pictures taken at The Living Room Edinburgh 

So what say you ladies and gentlemen of the jury? Is the heeled-brogue a style hit or a terrible miss? Leave your comments below.

Spectacles: frumpy or sexy?

Actually I don’t need to wear glasses. But I wouldn’t mind if I did.

Diva Specs

Jeepers creepers

During an evening at The Cumberland Bar last week a debate started about the attractiveness of glasses. Many people choose to wear contacts rather than glasses. And I know there are many reasons people choose contact lenses, it’s not just about how they look. However, I was surprised to hear people say they don’t like wearing glasses because they’re frumpy.

My darlings I beg to differ. Specs are sexy! In support of my case may I enter these pieces of evidence before the court…

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Diva’s new dress

I’ve started a style section because a) it’s yet another reason to pose for the cameras and b) I have a new dress I’m excited about.

Ted Baker Denim Dress

Taken from the Sky Bar at The Point Hotel, with fantastic views of Edinburgh Castle

It’s a Ted Baker dress that I saw earlier in the year at a Feel Brand New Fashion Event at Frasers. At the time it was around £100 and although I thought it lovely I didn’t go for it. So imagine my delight when I saw it reduced to half price!

I don’t know whether you can tell from the picture. It’s denim with big ruffles on the front and is just above the knee. Perfect with shoes and boots, in Summer and Winter – just love it!

What fashion find has got you excited recently?