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Diva Forever by Nadia Lazizi

I am beside myself with excitement. You see I’ve been immortalised on canvas. Darlings I’ll be more unbearable than ever.

It’s all down to the Super Fine Artist Miss Nadia Lazizi.
And facebook.


Nadia Lazizi

Last year while looking for my old friend Nadia Lazazi on facebook, I found Nadia Lazizi. Easy mistake to make you might say. And it’s a mistake I’m so glad I did make. You see Miss Lazizi is an artist and cutting a long story short, she has painted me.

In March I cycled to Nadia’s studio in Bathgate in stormy conditions and Nadia took the photographs from which she did the painting. She took a wide range of shots from head and shoulder to full length and I’ve no idea which she has painted. All were Nadia’s trademark woman-and-silk.

You’ve seen her plastered. Now see her painted
is the sort of comment I’ve had from friends.  Rather funny I think you’ll agree. I have such amusing friends. Thank you Mr McWilliam for that one. [Read: he’s been crossed off the Christmas card list.]


This is one of the photographs which Nadia took to do the painting

I’ve been snapped up already
It was inevitable I suppose. One of my paintings has sold even before the exhibition has started as a result of pre-show gallery emails. What can I say? Popular you see!

I invite you to join us for the Private View of Linger by Nadia Lazizi
I will of course, be going Wild West side for the private view. A Diva worth her champagne would not pass up such an opportunity to pose and preen in front of her paintings of herself. My dears it’s almost too much!

The exhibition is aptly named as I think you’ll want to.

Friday 9 November
Art Exposure Gallery
19 Parnie Street
G1 5RJ

Linger Longer with Nadia Lazizi
Visit Nadia Lazizi’s website

Post a note in the comments below if you’re coming to the Private View


The Diva lives on!

Yes she’s been away. Or rather she hasn’t been writing. And now she’s writing about herself in the third person. Well she is a diva!

I can hardly cover in one post all that has happened since my last post on er [mumbles] 26 April. I’ll do that over the next few weeks as there have been many wonderful things

I’ve been to two secret supper club – Kitchen Porters and My Home Supper Club
Cycled around Arran and eaten Arran cheese
Attended Clandestine Cake meetings and eaten lots of cake
Completed the Etape Caledonia without even a hint of sweeper van!
Lunched and dined at The Spice Pavilion, Iris, Hamiltons, The Living Room, Edinburgh Larder, Le Marche Francais, The Pillars of Hercules, Mark Greenaway, La Garrigue, Indigo Yard and others
Spent all afternoon in a vodka bar on the Isle of Bute
Danced to Europop in Spain
Seen Ben Jovi at Murrayfield
Climbed Ben Lawers and Ben Ghlass
Rocked to the Lift Shaft Incident at Whistlebinkies
Drunk bubbly at Ladies Day at Musselburgh
Cycled from Edinburgh to St Andrews. And back
Cryed at Stuart & Vivienne’s most magnificent wedding
Paintballed (yes it does hurt!) and driven in a tank
Drunk lots of Pommery at the launch of the Signet Library’s new popup champagne bar
Been to barbecues
Visited my wonderful sister in London
Tried on armwarmers
Eaten curry goat and spit roast deer on the Isle of Cara while dressed as a pirate

But more on all that later. For now I’ll stick to last week:

Lovely lunch at La Garrigue with Ann. A super menu of three courses for less than £20, I had squid to start, rabbit salad for main and cheesecake to finish. Excellent. And to whet your tastebuds…


The highlight of last week was our Sunday Brunch Club dinner at My Home Supper Club. One of the wonderful new supper clubs in people’s homes. We enjoyed a delicious evening a la Francais. I am still salivating, indeed dreaming about, the croqenbouche. The mountain of profiteroles in all their creamy, chocolately glory. Mmmmm….

Read more about this on the SBC blog here
To book your date with My Home Supper Club check their events page Don’t wait too long though, these dinners sellout quickly.


The croqenbouche and I, it was love at first sight

On Sunday I was out with the Sunday Brunch Club again to visit Jupiter Artland. The contemporary sculpture garden in the grounds of Bonnington House, just 30 minutes drive west of Edinburgh. It was a wonderful afternoon.

Read more about this on the SBC blog here.
It’s well worth a visit.

The 20 metre high Love Bomb Sculpture at Jupiter Artland

Some things to try:
La Garrigue
14 Eyre Place, Edinburgh, EH3 5EP
0131 558 1608
La Garrigue on twitter

My Home Supper Club
A Secret Edinburgh location
My Home Supper Club on facebook and twitter

Jupiter Artland
Bonnington House, Kirknewton, City of Edinburgh EH27 8BB
01506 889900
Jupiter Artland on facebook and twitter

More soon dear readers. I’ve missed you.

What do you want to do more of in 2011?

Happy New Year!

I wish you all the best for a delicious and exciting 2011.

Hogmanay (New Year’s Eve for the uninitiated) was a fantastic night. We organise the Sunday Brunch Club Grand Hogmanay Ball at The Sheraton Hotel in Edinburgh. We had a ball!

Sunday Brunch Club Grand Hogmanay Ball 2010-11

Having a blast at the Sunday Brunch Club Grand Hogmanay Ball

New Year’s Resolutions are often about giving things up. But where’s the fun in that?!
This year my plan is to do more of the things I enjoy…

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Happy Christmas!

Happy Christmas!
If you have been good, you will have received presents from Father Christmas. If you have been naughty, you will have enjoyed the entire year, so it’s win-win really!
Thanks Maxine!

Edinburgh Diva

Edinburgh Diva

Unsurprisingly I received nothing from Santa but Mr Mac has been very generous and, amongst other things, I have a gorgeous new dress to wear to the Grand Hogmanay Ball.

Have a wonderful time!

Lots of Love



Diva does… Christmas Masterclass at The Atrium

Atrium Chef Neil Forbes is the kind of man who knows his way around a turkey. He’s the kind of man who gets excited about making bacon. He’s the kind of man who ‘gets on well with’ sprouts. He’s absolutely crazy about food. Some might say he’s absolutely crazy fullstop. He’s the kind of man I like.

Earlier in the year I was wowed by his Seafood Masterclass and Feathered Friends Masterclass so it was with much excitement that I went along to the Christmas Masterclass at The Atrium with 5 friends at the beginning of December.

Lunch menu

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Diva does… Foodies Christmas

I’ve been to most of the Foodies Festival shows in Edinburgh over the last few years and really enjoyed them so I was looking forward to Foodies Christmas at the Assembly Rooms last Friday.

For me the highlight was the Codorníu Sparkling Wine Masterclass. Our host  was Jo Sorenson, the Brand Manager. 

Jo Sorenson, Brand Manager at Codorniu

Jo Sorenson, Brand Manager at Codorniu

She was highly entertaining and guided us through a most amusing and educational hour, during which I learned some new tips on how to pop a cork with panache…

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Diva does… Electronics

Of late I’ve felt an inexplicable pull toward all things geeky so when I saw a Beginners Electronics Workshop advertised where I could solder under the instruction of Super Geeks – I was sold.

Electronics workshop with Edinburgh Hacklab

Electronics workshop with Edinburgh Hacklab


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