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Diva’s diaries… Gives you wings!

Diva’s diaries is where I share random happenings and highlights from my week. Last week just flew by. Literally.

Sartorial tips from the Diva
Please note the way the cycling shorts and flourescent jacket work so well with the fantasy wings and killer heels. I hope you can make out the fantasy wings. They really are an easy wear accessory guaranteed to get you noticed.

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Diva does… Electronics

Of late I’ve felt an inexplicable pull toward all things geeky so when I saw a Beginners Electronics Workshop advertised where I could solder under the instruction of Super Geeks – I was sold.

Electronics workshop with Edinburgh Hacklab

Electronics workshop with Edinburgh Hacklab


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Diva does… Charlie and Evelyn’s Table

I’ve been excited about this dining experience since I first became aware of it in August this year after reading about it in ion magazine (page 102) and on the Edinburgh Spotlight website

Dinner at Charlie and Evelyn's Table

Charlie and Evelyn's Table

Charlie and Evelyn’s Table is a supper club run by Chris and Rachel Rowley. They invite up to 8 guests into their home for dinner. It’s the first supper club I came across in Edinburgh and I was very keen to try it. Even in September all dates for 2010 were fully booked so I was thrilled when Rachel agreed to host a special date for me as a Sunday Brunch Club event.

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Win £100 this Friday with Sunday Brunch Club on facebook

Make this weekend an even better one with £100 from the Sunday Brunch Club.

£100 note

We’d love to feel the 1000 ‘likes’ love on the Sunday Brunch Club facebook page. We’re at 682 right now so need 318 more.  If we hit the big 1K by Friday we’ll give away £100 cash this Friday!

Is it doable? we reckon if just 50 of our 682 fans play – we’ll hit the 1000 likes jackpot. And you’ll have a 1 in 50 chance of winning £100 this Friday to start your weekend with a bang.

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Diva’s diaries… Champagne the best way to start the week

This is the first in my new series of Diva’s diaries…  where I’ll be sharing highlights from my week. This idea came from Danielle at Edinburgh Foody while we were out for lunch in Blue a fortnight ago.  So voila…!  Thanks Danielle!

Last week started as all good weeks should. With champagne.

Frances Bentley at the Champagne Duval-Leroy Scotland Launch

Frances Bentley at the Champagne Duval-Leroy Scotland Launch Photo by Dan Phillips

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Diva does… Angels with Bagpipes Restaurant

Angel with Bagpipes

The Angel with Bagpipes

Angels with Bagpipes is the latest addition to the Valvona and Crolla string of Edinburgh delis and eateries started in 1934 when Alfonso Crolla opened Valvona & Crolla on Elm Row, which is still there today.

It opened in July 2010 and is inspired by nearby St Giles’ Cathedral and the angel playing bagpipes in the Thistle Chaple. Lex McFadyen was commissioned to design the impressive bronze carving of an angel with bagpipes which stands in the restaurant window above the stairs.

The statue certainly has wow factor, but would the food…?
Mr Mac and I along with good friend Jane Stewart and her friend JR went along to find out…

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FREE Tickets for Foodies Christmas Festival

Foodies Festival is a fixture in the Diva calendar and Foodies Christmas is a particular favourite. And I’m delighted to bring you another Divine Diva Giveaway.

Foodies Christmas Festival logo

We have 9 pairs of tickets to giveaway.

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