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Win £100 this Friday with Sunday Brunch Club on facebook

Make this weekend an even better one with £100 from the Sunday Brunch Club.

£100 note

We’d love to feel the 1000 ‘likes’ love on the Sunday Brunch Club facebook page. We’re at 682 right now so need 318 more.  If we hit the big 1K by Friday we’ll give away £100 cash this Friday!

Is it doable? we reckon if just 50 of our 682 fans play – we’ll hit the 1000 likes jackpot. And you’ll have a 1 in 50 chance of winning £100 this Friday to start your weekend with a bang.

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FREE Tickets for Foodies Christmas Festival

Foodies Festival is a fixture in the Diva calendar and Foodies Christmas is a particular favourite. And I’m delighted to bring you another Divine Diva Giveaway.

Foodies Christmas Festival logo

We have 9 pairs of tickets to giveaway.

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Love Cooking? A Tempting Offer

Love Cooking Festival
Tuesday 12 October
Edinburgh Playhouse

This new cooking show comes to Edinburgh for the first time tomorrow.
A delicious offering made even more tempting by our 50% DISCOUNT on tickets

Love Cooking Festival

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