The Heeled Brogue: Love it or hate it?

Hello Lovely Readers

My very important topic today is the heeled brogue. Now these shoes have caused some controversy. It would seem you either love ’em or you hate ’em. For me it was love at first sight. What say you?

Duo Heeled Brogues

Aren't they lovely?

These gorgeous specimens are from Duo, which specialises in knee high boots with wider-than-standard calf sizes. As a thin-calved woman that is not of much interest to me.

As a boat-footed woman (thanks Mum!),  Duo’s wide-fittings are heaven-sent. And what’s more, they’re comfortable. Style and comfort those two words seldom come together when it comes to beautiful shoes.

Duo Heeled Brogues

Are you in love yet?

I like them so much I bought them in black too!

These pictures were taken by Victoria on the day she had news of her new job. Big congratulations to you Victoria! And thanks for the pictures.


Champagne to celebrate Victoria's new job. Congratulations!

Pictures taken at The Living Room Edinburgh 

So what say you ladies and gentlemen of the jury? Is the heeled-brogue a style hit or a terrible miss? Leave your comments below.


4 responses to “The Heeled Brogue: Love it or hate it?

  1. My granny (who had very tiny feet) used to wear them. I (I also have small feet) used to have a pair ‘first’ time round and I LOVED them, but they weren’t pink and shiny, they were black and I mainly wore them to work. But who can’t love shoes – whatever they look like!

  2. I love them and, as a fat-calved but small-footed woman, I also love Duo. They are just about the only place I can buy boots.

  3. Fab! Nothing more, nothing less.

  4. Fab I love them!

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