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Diva does… Castle Terrace Restaurant

Edinburgh Diva
Edinburgh Diva

This is the first in my new series of Diva does… I’ll be hitting Edinburgh to review restaurants and happenings. This pleasure-fest will, as I’m sure you can image, be a difficult task. The things I do for you!

Yes I’ve morphed into Edinburgh Diva after a comment that Brian made about Fat to Fit (you have to scroll down for Brian’s comment).  Thanks Brian! And if you read this, email and introduce yourself.

Castle Terrace Restaurant is the new venture of the team behind award-winning Michelin star restaurant, The Kitchin.  CT opened just 4 months ago and I lunched there yesterday with old friend and foodie, MJ. 

Thanks Fiona, for recommending it.

We went along to see whether Castle Terrace would live up to the hype…

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Edinburgh’s Hogmanay 2010 – Are you ready to party?


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Grand Hogmanay Ball 2009
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From Fat to Fit – Another Reason to Love the Great Outdoors


at the summit of Ben More, Isle of Mull

at the summit of Ben More, Isle of Mull

I love the great outdoors for so many reasons. Being out in the wild, windy and wet wonderfulness that is the Scottish countryside makes me feel alive. It’s good for the soul. I feel inspired. I feel connected to nature. And depending on my activity it gets my heart racing and my adrenaline pumping for a super natural high. In short, it feels amazing!

I also love the great outdoors because outdoor activities got me from fat to fit.

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At 3am this morning I was seduced by Wibiya

 Why did noone tell me before? Social media is sexy.

I told you here that I’m an Outdoor Girl and a Party Girl. I neglected to mention that rather worryingly I’m turning into a Girl Geek*. I get excited about widgets, I seek out forums and I’ve taken to sitting at my computer into the early hours. These are all signs. When I start wearing anoraks we’ll know that there’s no way back…

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