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So much to love about Cameron House on Loch Lomond

Mr Mac and I went to Cameron House to celebrate our anniversary. We had  high expectations. On the website it looks gorgeous, and a few friends have been and have raved about it.


On arrival I was thrilled to learn that my lovely husband had booked us a suite! Apparently there are only 3 suites with a balcony and we had one of them. Further excitement, if that is possible.


Here he is on the champagne cruise of the loch. In just his shirt! I, and our fellow passengers were wearing everything we had with us plus several blankets each (pictures below). It gets chilly once you get out on the water even though it was a beautiful sunny day on land. Can you tell he’s a Geordie?!

So here’s our room…


With a free-standing cast iron bath. I could hardly contain myself. But there was more shrieking when I saw the bathroom.


A fantastic wet room with two huge showerheads and room for a rugby team. Although we didn’t test that theory.

Not a very good picture I’m afraid, you had to be there. On the other side of the bathroom (not pictured) two sinks. Everything lush and lovely darlings!


And for me the highlight: the amazing view from our balcony. One of only three in the hotel you understand! That’s balconies not views.


Mr Mac had organised the weather too so it was clothes off, robe on and straight out onto the balcony with the champers and strawberries.


This is the view from our room before we headed down to dinner. The picture doesn’t begin to do it justice.


I’ll do a separate blog about dinner as this one already has so many pictures! And I still have quite a few things to tell you about. Heightened security at Cameron House as Princess Anne was staying. Yes HRH had heard we were staying and flew in by helicopter to join us for tea.*


I won’t win any awards for photos this trip. I’m afraid shaky hands mean that this is the best photo I have of Princess Anne. She was lovely, lovely and we were so excited to have seen her.


So my dears, after tea with Princess Anne* we hurried along to the spa at Carrick. If you are in the area you simply must pop in. Gorgeousness.  An outdoor jacuzzi with views across Carrick Golf Course plus every possible type of steam room, sauna and shower you can imagine. Mr Mac was most taken with the pool too. If you are chomping at the bit already view the Carrick Spa website for all the details and more pictures.


After spa-ing we felt thoroughly rejuvenated.

There was just time for a glass of champagne on our balcony before we went off for our champagne cruise on the hotel’s yacht, Celtic Warrior.  It’s a super boat, just 3 years old.


When you visit I do recommend the cruise, it’s great to explore the vastness of Loch Lomond and our guide Ian kept us most entertained with his tales of life in the Loch then and now.

Golfers among you may be interested to learn that Loch Lomond Golf Course is offering annual membership for a cool £250,000.

Ian also told us, rather pointedly, that there is an island for naughty and/or nagging wives. Yes legend has it that mainland menfolk would deposit their wives on said island until such time as their behaviour improved. That’s the behaviour of the wives not the husbands. You can see why this story doesn’t ring true. Is this a tall tale? Can anyone verify this story. Apparently the island is called the Gaelic for heather. I think he was pulling our leg…


And here are a few pictures of our cruise…



Pete (pictured above) was in just a shirt. Meanwhile I was wrapped up in fleece and 2 blankets! And I wasn’t the only one! You think I’d know better than to leave my coat behind after 11 years in Scotland.


And a final picture of the view from our balcony.


So a super-fabulous trip. The staff were just amazing too. So looking forward to visiting again.

We paid for this trip ourselves, by the way. I do get invited for the occasional dinner (and I point that out to you) but  haven’t been offered any holidays. Yet. But of course, am open to offers!

We loved it so much we’re planning more short breaks so I’d love to hear your thoughts on the best places to stay. 
What are your favourite hotels in Scotland and why?

Loch Lomond
G83 8QZ
01389 713 281

*this might be a slight exaggeration but sounds much better than ‘after taking bad pictures of Princess Anne across the hotel foyer…’