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Happy Christmas!

Happy Christmas!
If you have been good, you will have received presents from Father Christmas. If you have been naughty, you will have enjoyed the entire year, so it’s win-win really!
Thanks Maxine!

Edinburgh Diva

Edinburgh Diva

Unsurprisingly I received nothing from Santa but Mr Mac has been very generous and, amongst other things, I have a gorgeous new dress to wear to the Grand Hogmanay Ball.

Have a wonderful time!

Lots of Love




Diva’s diaries… The Most Magnificent Gingerbread House

Hello Darlings!

I’m way behind with Diva’s Diaries. Too much doing and not enough writing! I will rectify this very soon and all my comings and goings will be posted here in due course. Meantime I must tell you about this recent highlight. A most auspicious and delicious day. A day I will remember for some time.

The Most Magnificent Gingerbread House

The Most Magnificent Gingerbread House - Mmmmm

It was the day on which I was gifted The Most Magnificent Gingerbread House. Miss Bea presented this masterpiece towards the end of a most traumatic day (readers of my Sunday Brunch Club blog will know about the dognap attempt).

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