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Diva does… cocktails and scallops at The Voodoo Rooms

This was a most lovely Saturday afternoon whiled away in the beautiful environs of The Voodoo Rooms with my lover.

The Voodoo Rooms

If you haven't been you must go, it's a beautiful bar. Look out for the ornate ceiling in the pictures below.

On arriving at the very lovely Voodoo Rooms my eyes were drawn to this menu… 

Bewitching menu at The Voodoo Rooms

Bewitching menu at The Voodoo Rooms - This picture is insisting on being landscape despite my persuasion, aaargh!

 My darlings you know how I enjoy a cocktail and find it difficult to resist a bargain. Here the two came together deliciously. I  worked my way through cocktail specials and most pleasurable it was.

First up, the rather fabulous looking El Diablo – Arette blanco tequila, creme de cassis, lime juice and ginger ale. This was sweet and tropical. On a grey Edinburgh Saturday I tried to imagine being on a beach sipping my El Diablo. But hey, even my imagination wasn’t good enough for that.

El Diablo cocktail

Tropical flavours

Next up, the Silver Ghost – Bacardi rum, velvet falernum, lime juice, rock candy, cardamom and apple juice. This was my favourite. I like cocktails that aren’t too sweet and this was perfect, light, easy and wonderful flavours from the cardomom seeds.

Silver Ghost

Rum, lime and cardamon. A winner, my favourite of the 3!

And finally, Beauty and the Fizz – 42 Below vodka, Aperol lemon juice, passionfruit syrup topped with bubbly. This was fizzy and fruity, a perfect end to my cocktail trio.

Beauty & The Fizz

Fizzy and fruity

So by now feeling a little peckish my lover and I order a bite to eat. He went the fish and chips which he tells me was very good. Obviously, I verified the chips on your behalf and not because I gained any pleasure from it whatsoever.

Fish & chips at The Voodoo Rooms

Super, I understand

And I, of course, went for the scallops. Juicy as I like them and as you can see caramelised on the outside. They look a bit darker than normal as they had to delay service while I popped out. In spite of looks they weren’t overcooked.  They were divine. And the cauliflower and vermouth puree oh oh oh to die for!

Scallops at The Voodoo Rooms

Mmmmn heavenly

And vegetables on the side


Beautifully cooked

A wonderful afternoon. The staff are lovely too, young and er… very easy on the eye.

So what was the damage? The cocktails were all a special £5. Fish and chips was £10.95, scallop (starter) £6.95 and vegetable side dish £2.95. Super value. More reasons to love The Voodoo.

Afterwards we went shopping in search of a very covetable item which I can’t tell you about. 


The Voodoo Rooms on Urbanspoon

19a West Register Street, Edinburgh  EH2 2AA
Tel: 0131 556 7060

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Diva’s Photoshoot

I had a photoshoot with Bob Grant recently, a very lovely photographer. This shoot was for fun really to get some shots I can use for PR shots and one or two for Mr Mac. Bob is always keen to get his equipment out so off we went.

A big thank you to The Bonham Hotel who let us use one of the Hotel’s gorgeous suites.

Bob took hundreds of shots. Here are a few of my favourites.

Edinburgh Diva

Photo by Bob Grant

It looks great in black and white too…
I like the glow

Edinburgh Diva

Photo by Bob Grant

I like the effect Bob’s gone for here.
Really I wasn’t sweati… I mean, glowing as much as this!

Edinburgh Diva

Photo by Bob Grant

And here’s a full length one.
I’m afraid I’ve altered this to tinted black and white (sorry Bob!). I did my own makeup and it looks hideous in the colour version. Next time I will get professional makeup (are you reading Kirsty?!).

Edinburgh Diva

Photo by Bob Grant

And the famous Diva bottom*
Why oh why do I have such muscly arms? Think it would be a great shot otherwise. On the original the colours are more graded along the wall from light to dark which is a beautiful effect that is missed in this picture.

Edinburgh Diva

Photo by Bob Grant

Well that’s all for now. Bob took hundreds of shots so maybe I’ll include a few more at some point. It’s a bit self-indulgent, but that’s part of my Diva job description!

If you need a photographer, Bob is excellent. He does events for PSB Photo and specialises in gymnastics events, portraits, corporate work and lots more. You can contact bob by email bob(at)

Remember the Edinburgh Bicycle Coop shoot I did last month? Well I’m going to be a poster girl apparently. I’ll let you know when it’s out. So exciting!

*Famous bottom? Well it’s my blog so indulge me!