Diva’s Photoshoot

I had a photoshoot with Bob Grant recently, a very lovely photographer. This shoot was for fun really to get some shots I can use for PR shots and one or two for Mr Mac. Bob is always keen to get his equipment out so off we went.

A big thank you to The Bonham Hotel who let us use one of the Hotel’s gorgeous suites.

Bob took hundreds of shots. Here are a few of my favourites.

Edinburgh Diva

Photo by Bob Grant

It looks great in black and white too…
I like the glow

Edinburgh Diva

Photo by Bob Grant

I like the effect Bob’s gone for here.
Really I wasn’t sweati… I mean, glowing as much as this!

Edinburgh Diva

Photo by Bob Grant

And here’s a full length one.
I’m afraid I’ve altered this to tinted black and white (sorry Bob!). I did my own makeup and it looks hideous in the colour version. Next time I will get professional makeup (are you reading Kirsty?!).

Edinburgh Diva

Photo by Bob Grant

And the famous Diva bottom*
Why oh why do I have such muscly arms? Think it would be a great shot otherwise. On the original the colours are more graded along the wall from light to dark which is a beautiful effect that is missed in this picture.

Edinburgh Diva

Photo by Bob Grant

Well that’s all for now. Bob took hundreds of shots so maybe I’ll include a few more at some point. It’s a bit self-indulgent, but that’s part of my Diva job description!

If you need a photographer, Bob is excellent. He does events for PSB Photo and specialises in gymnastics events, portraits, corporate work and lots more. You can contact bob by email bob(at)psbphoto.co.uk

Remember the Edinburgh Bicycle Coop shoot I did last month? Well I’m going to be a poster girl apparently. I’ll let you know when it’s out. So exciting!

*Famous bottom? Well it’s my blog so indulge me!


6 responses to “Diva’s Photoshoot

  1. You look stunning babe! Rock that lens!
    At least your bottom fit in lens. Mine would block out the sun!

  2. You look amazing as ever! You may want to change the words of “Bob is always keen to get his equipment out” or is that just me with a bad mind? Your arms are beautifully toned, whereas mine are full bingo wings!

  3. Jessica Williamson

    Gorgeous!!! Love your famous bum comment, *and* your arms, be proud these pics are FAB!!!

  4. Can’t believe you’re moaning about your muscly arms. Be proud of them!
    You look lovely, as you well know. Bum and all.

  5. Fantastic shots. You look great and yes muscly arms – that’s not muscly, that’s just toned. Be grateful girl, you can still say that!

  6. You look great Steph, well done!! xxx

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