Diva does… Zanzero

I ought really to have called this post The Diva and The Pilot because I lunched at Zanzero with my favourite pilot.  She’s just about to go off for jet training so was fantastic to see her and catch up on all her news. She’s tall and Danish and beautiful with blonde hair down to her waist. She’s amazing. Oh and have I mentioned she flies planes for a living?! I love her.

My relationship with Zanzero is a little more complicated. We have a love-hate relationship. I love, love, love sitting outside in Summer and enjoying a vino and a bite to eat. I love the simple food beautifully prepared. What can sometimes let Zanzero down though is The Attitude Factor.

Darlings I could give you examples of Staff with Attitude but it feels so petty to write a list of past grievances. Suffice it to say that Staff with Attitude at Zanzero have spoiled some of my previous visits and I haven’t been for a little while.

But when my favourite pilot suggested it, I thought why not give it another go. And I’m so pleased we did. Our waiter couldn’t have been lovelier and we had a super time. So here for your delectation a few pictures…

To start antipasti

Antipasti at Zanzero

Rich flavours

The intensity of the flavours took me back to our holiday in Sienna devouring antipasti and a carafe of wine in glorious sunshine overlooking the beautiful piazza and people-watching.  A very, very good start. Zanzero’s overtures were winning me over.

For main, my friend went for the sea bass (if I recall correctly).

Sea bass at Zanzero

A delicious choice

I went for the burger. In my defence, we were choosing from a limited menu and I didn’t fancy pasta (so why go Italian, I hear you cry!). The burger was OK, not bad but not brilliant, perhaps a bit over-cooked.

Burger at Zanzero

A reasonable burger

We were won over with cakes. I asked for cream and our lovely waiter brought us berry topped cream. Little gestures make a big difference.  

My friend went for the chocolate cake

Chocolate cake at Zanzero

Chocolate heaven

And I went for a lemon fairy cake.

Lemon fairy cake at Zanzero

Moist and sweet with lovely lemony goo

It was particularly good value as my friend had a Groupon voucher for our meal. We enjoyed lunch with prosecco, the perfect accompaniment to a girlie lunch.

So we’re back on Zanzero and I. All is forgiven. We’ve kissed and made up.
Lovely lunch with super service.


Zanzero on Urbanspoon

14-16 North West Circus Place, Edinburgh EH3 6SX
0131 220 0333
You can find out more about Zanzero on their blog, on facebook and on twitter

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4 responses to “Diva does… Zanzero

  1. Not convinced. Had two decidedly average meals there, and lots of aforementioned attitude. Won’t be back. 😦

  2. Hmmm sorry, the attitude of the staff certainly marred my visit.

  3. Such a shame that it has this problem. It could be super otherwise

  4. Totally agree, the food and surroundings were great…… C’mon management a little customer service training for your staff could work wonders.

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