Diva in the Saddle

Hello Lovely Readers

I was so excited to receive a message from Ged Holmyard at Edinburgh Bicycle Cooperative asking me to take part in a photoshoot. What me pose for photos? When do you want me? I’m there!

Yesterday I met up with fellow ‘model’, the lovely Joe Shurgold and super photographer Alex Amato to get the shoot in the bag.

Diva in the Saddle

Diva in the Saddle. Just love this picture and the backdrop. Picture by Alex Amato at Edinburgh Bicycle Cooperative*

Check out more pictures below…

I love the Bicycle Coop because all the guys in the shop are great, very knowledgable and really take an interest in making sure you get what you need for your bike. I’ve been there before and spent hours with the guys explaining the different options for all the kit I  wanted.  You don’t get the same level of service everywhere and the Bicycle Coop has a much larger range than many of the cycling shops in the city. The repair workshop is very popular too and always busy because of the care and attention the Coop team treat the bike. They just love bikes and it shows. I’m not on commission, I just love the shop! 

Cycling in The Meadows

Joe and I cycling in The Meadows. Picture by Alex Amato of Edinburgh Bicycle Cooperative*

The photo shoot was for the Bicycle Cooperative’s Bike to Work Scheme. It’s a brilliant scheme which gives employees of Scheme companies big discounts on a new bike.

Cycling up The Mound

In full cycling regalia. Note the very fetching luminous jacket! Picture by Alex Amato of Edinburgh Bicycle Cooperative*

Here I am in my essential biking jacket. No it’s not stylish but I wouldn’t be without out. I like to be visible on the roads and wearing this jacket I can be seen from the moon!
*These pictures are the property of Edinburgh Bicycle Cooperative and must not be reproduced with permission.
More information
Check out the Edinburgh Bicycle Cooperative website
Find out more about Bike to Work
Are you a cyclist? What’s your must-have piece of kit?

6 responses to “Diva in the Saddle

  1. Great picture of you whizzing by the castle. I can see you as a full-time model….

  2. looks fantastic. Must get my bike out of the coal cellar!

  3. Great photos Steph and it is true that the Coop are a really great company!! x

  4. Nicely done. I’ve made my office participate in that Cycle to Work scheme. One colleague has just picked up her first Edinburgh bike today and was going to cycle it home! What a nasty day for it. She’s Dutch so she’s used to cycling, though.

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  6. I’ve been following Alex on blipfoto. Thought he might be your photographer – he takes great photos.

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