Diva does… Afternoon Tea at The Sheraton Grand

It was lovely to be invited along to the Sheraton’s Festive Afternoon Tea hosted by the Stuart and his colleagues at The Sheraton to raise money for Maggie’s. Ladies do look out for this fabulous Ladies Love Lunch event in February in aid of Maggie’s. I’ll be taking a table so drop me a line if you’d like to go.

Festive Afternoon Tea at The Sheraton

It tasted even better than it looks!

Miss Golden Blonde and I went along today to indulge. What a relief to be offered tea or coffee. So much champagne lately! And I’ve heard it is possible to overdo it.

The food was just gorgeous. And I have to say, very moreish. There was an assortment of finger sandwiches and milk rolls. I recall ham & mustard, salmon and the sandwich Miss GB named ‘Christmas on a roll‘ turkey, stuffing and cranberry. I’m assuming they had some vegetarian offerings elsewhere.

The scones were controversial. Oh yes the pronunciation wars started. Scone as in gone v Scone as in hone.

Well the right answer is scone as in gone,I’m sorry Miss GB you’re simply wrong!  Miss GB claims that she is right – that it should be pronounced scone as in hone – because Yorkshire is the capital of the world. I claim that I am right because… I am. Well Birmingham is not going to help me win any arguments, is it?!

You can help settle this argument by voting below.

The scones – however you pronounce them – came in cranberry, chocolate, plain and fruit varieties. Miss Golden Blonde tells me they were gorgeous. The clotted cream was perfect for Miss GB’s tastes – dropping consistency (not like the butter-straight-out-of-the-fridge clotted cream I’ve had at some places!) And  the mulled wine jam was to-die-for.

Most unusually, I skipped the scones (that’s the unusual part) and went straight in for the cream slice (that’s not unusual). It was creamy, mmm, very creamy, with chocolate, mmmm, and, a, hint, of, baileys, mmmm, yes.






Festive Afternoon Tea at The Sheraton

Mmmmm, creamy deliciousness


The crème brulée in shot glasses would normally get me feeling hot and bothered. But after my recent burnt brulée trauma, I’m off the  brulée! For your benefit, Miss GB dived in where others feared to tread. She found the sugar topping just perfect and the creme beneath to be creamy and Christmasy with a hint of Christmas spice.

Normally the Festive Afternoon Tea at The Sheraton Grand Hotel would cost £17.95 which is good value and I would certainly go again. The cakes are very good and I like the festive touches such as mulled wine soaked fruit in the fruit scones and egg nog in the  brulée. It’s the perfect post-Christmas-shopping tonic.

1 Festival Square, Edinburgh  EH3 9SR
0131 229 9131
The Sheraton is also on facebook and twitter


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I’d love to hear your comments in the box below, tell me your thoughts
Firstly is scone as in hone or scone as in gone?
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11 responses to “Diva does… Afternoon Tea at The Sheraton Grand

  1. This is a major issue in our house, but the correct answer is “scone as in gone”.

    Also buffet as in “boo-fay”. You didn’t mention that, but it’s important it’s covered!

  2. Mmmm mmmm mmm, my mouth is watering just reading that. I think that may just be the extra little present I was looking for to treat my mum!

    Oh, and I agree with you totally, scone as in gone is the only pronunciation that should be used, unless of course you are talking about Scone – the place! Totally different rules apply there!

  3. I’m another scone as in gone, anything else is just silly (unless as Rhoda says you happen to be talking about the place and not tasty baked goods).
    And buffet could also be pronouced buff-et!

  4. Mmmm, looks delicious.

    Scone as in gone from me. And always boo-fay. I think only Americans say they’re heading to the buff-ette

  5. Well, def scone as in gone and mulled wine jam – recipe please!

  6. Hello! So impressed that you can make use of a jam recipe. For me such things are for entertainment purposes only with no practical use.

  7. Buff-et vs boo-fay reminds me of Hyacinth Bucket (Boo-kay).

    And I too say it scone as in gone.
    But then isn’t Scone as in near Perth pronounced Skoon?

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