Diva’s diaries… Gives you wings!

Diva’s diaries is where I share random happenings and highlights from my week. Last week just flew by. Literally.

Sartorial tips from the Diva
Please note the way the cycling shorts and flourescent jacket work so well with the fantasy wings and killer heels. I hope you can make out the fantasy wings. They really are an easy wear accessory guaranteed to get you noticed.

Diva goes shopping - with wings

Diva goes shopping. With wings. As you do

Tune in next week for further style advice from Diva. Don’t get dressed without it!

Geek Fest
On Monday I indulged my inner-geek at a fabulous Electronics Workshop for the hopeless, I mean for beginners organised by Edinburgh Hacklab as part of Granny Green’s Big Night Out. You can read details in Diva does… Electronics

Electronics workshop with Edinburgh Hacklab
Made by Diva, with very lovely soldering and only one or two crises

Pleasure overload
Seven friends and I had a fabulous evening of culinary delights with Chris and Rachel of Charlie & Evelyn’s Table on Friday. The food was exceptionally good. 

I seem to have developed a tableware fetish and am now lusting after slate platters, getting breathless over quirky teaspoons and making inappropriate advances toward purple glassware. Check out the pictures in Diva does… Charlie & Evelyn’s Table and see if my excitement is justified.

I want to do it all again. I must give a wee mention to Steve my personal sommelier for the evening. You did a wonderful job and I will permit you to buy wine for me again.

Diva at Charlie and Evelyn's Table

At the end of a lovely evening at Charlie and Evelyn's Table. It was so lovely we're already planning our return visit.

Be afraid, be very afraid…
Be on the lookout for this supernatural creature. Half-woman, half-fly it could cover you in flesh dissolving vomit and suck you through its fly places [technical term]. Last spotted in the early hours of Sunday morning drinking a glass of pinot. Approach at your peril…

Thank you to Claire & George for a superb party at their spaceship. It was absolutely the best house party I’ve been to.

Winged and dangerous

Winged and dangerous. If you see it, do not approach The Fly

Ultra-marathon in the desert anyone?
No, I didn’t think so. Edinburgher Martin Myers is running the Marathon des Sables in March next year. It’s known as the toughest foot race on the planet. Competitors run the equivalent of 5.5 marathons in 6 days in the Sahara desert in temperatures up to 49C (120F). As if that’s not difficult enough, runners also carry all kit on their backs!

What impressed me most about this is that when Martin signed up for the race in 2008 he didn’t run. In fact he didn’t do any excercise. Now he’s running marathons regularly and preparing for his feet to get very ugly, to starve and get dehydrated and possibly go mad, if the film we watched at the event is anything to go by.

I helped out with Martin’s fundraising event at Cargo on Saturday evening where he raised over £1,000 for the British Heart Foundation Scotland.

Diva with Martin Myers

Diva with Martin Myers who rund the Marathon des Sables in March 2011

Good luck in March Martin! And huge congratulations to you and Pauline on your engagement!
To find out more and make a donation visit Martin’s website

Bike ride
I use my bike for hopping around town and probably clock up between 50 and 75 miles most weeks on these short rides. I love getting out for the longer rides through the Winter, though I tend to do it less than in the Summer so it was fabulous to get out on the Sunday Brunch Club ride on Saturday. Thanks to my fellow riders who made a wet (and muddy) ride good fun.

Sunday Brunch Club bike ride - November 2010

Sunday Brunch Club bike ride - November 2010

 Tune in next week for more random happenings… I mean,the next exciting instalment of Diva’s diaries

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I’d love to hear from you, please leave a comment below
What’s coming up in your diary that has you excited?
What essential style tips can you share with Diva readers?


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