Diva does… Charlie and Evelyn’s Table

I’ve been excited about this dining experience since I first became aware of it in August this year after reading about it in ion magazine (page 102) and on the Edinburgh Spotlight website

Dinner at Charlie and Evelyn's Table

Charlie and Evelyn's Table

Charlie and Evelyn’s Table is a supper club run by Chris and Rachel Rowley. They invite up to 8 guests into their home for dinner. It’s the first supper club I came across in Edinburgh and I was very keen to try it. Even in September all dates for 2010 were fully booked so I was thrilled when Rachel agreed to host a special date for me as a Sunday Brunch Club event.

On arrival, we chatted in the lounge with a glass of bubbly and canapés before being shown through to the dining room. Rachel explained that Charlie and Evelyn’s table is named after the dining table that Chris inherited from his late grandparents. The table was set beautifully, the lighting was just perfect to create an intimate ambience and the music complemented the mood.

Dinner at Charlie and Evelyn's Table

We had brought our own wine, as requested, and Rachel labelled the bottles with our names and served them throughout the evening. No easy task as we all had different bottles and The Sommelier brought 3 different wines, one for each course.  I was so pleased that he’d brought wine for me too – thanks it was delicious!

Dinner at Charlie and Evelyn's Table

Just some of the wines...!

We were amused by colcannon soup. A rich creamy and very tasty start to a superb dinner.

Dinner at Charlie and Evelyn's Table

Colcannon soup

To start we had salmon. Banish from your mind any notion of bland salmon, this cured offering was incredibly tasty and perfectly complemented by fresh lime, onion confit and smoked bacon. The texture was fleshy and juicy rather than dry and flaky. I enjoyed it and judging by the platters of my dining companions it was a hit all round. My picture really doesn’t do it justice, for it looked amazing too.

Dinner at Charlie & Evelyn's Table

Cured salmon, onion confit, smoked bacon

The main course was beef casserole served with rarebit, broccoli and red cabbage – the perfect dish for a Winter’s evening. It was the best beef casserole I have tasted in a long while – the beef was flavoursome and very tender. It was served in individual dishes, which I thought was a lovely touch.

Dinner at Charlie & Evelyn's Table

Beef casserole served with rarebit, broccoli, red cabbage. Rarebit not pictured!

Throughout the evening I was most impressed by the range of the Rowleys’ tableware. Beautiful slate platters for the salmon, gorgeous individual lidded dishes for the casserole, beautiful teaspoons (yes even the teaspoons were special!). I could go on…!

Dinner at Charlie and Evelyn's Table

Even the salt, pepper and butter look gorgeous!

The sweet was a delicious apple  and cinnamon brulée with an apple sorbet. As we all know brulées can be difficult to get right but yet again it was spot-on.  The apple sorbet was a real treat too, and I would guess home-made.

Dinner at Charlie and Evelyn's Table

Apple and cinnamon brulee with green apple sorbet. Divine!

The meal finished with teas and coffees served with the same care and attention as the rest of the meal.

Dinner at Charlie and Evelyn's Table

Even the teaspoons were special

Charlie and Evelyn’s Table is a labour of love for the Rowleys which is demonstrated in everything they do. From the care and attention that goes into creating a beautiful table, sourcing fresh local ingredients and presenting it all in a manner which makes dining with them  a feast for all the senses. They create an experience that a team of staff at a first-class restaurant would be proud of.

Dinner at Charlie and Evelyn's Table

Chris and Rachel on their wedding day

Goodness knows how they can do it for £20 per head using the type of ingredients they do, with the kind of expensive tableware habits they obviously indulge and the amount of time invested in ensuring that diners have an exceptionally good dinner and a wonderful time.

Dinner at Charlie and Evelyn's Table

I highly recommend a visit to Charlie and Evelyn’s Table  EDINBURGH DIVA RATING: 9.5/10
To get early alerts for 2010 cancellations and 2011 dates email to be added to the mailing list
You can also keep in touch with Charlie & Evelyn’s Table via their Blog, facebook and Twitter.

Diva at Charlie and Evelyn's Table
At the end of lovely evening at Charlie and Evelyn’s Table so good that we’re already planning our return visit!


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4 responses to “Diva does… Charlie and Evelyn’s Table

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  2. Great post! you really captured the elegance and deliciousness of Charlie and Evelyn’s table… my mouth is watering. I have been lucky enough to go twice and it was always an amazing and inspiring yet relaxing experience. I think Chris and Rachel are a wonderfully complimentary team. x

  3. Thanks for your comment Rebecca. You’ve been twice?! You lucky thing! Hoping to get another bite at the cherry myself.

    And I was most impressed with the work you did on Charlie’s chair which I saw on your blog. Very talented

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