Diva’s diaries… Champagne the best way to start the week

This is the first in my new series of Diva’s diaries…  where I’ll be sharing highlights from my week. This idea came from Danielle at Edinburgh Foody while we were out for lunch in Blue a fortnight ago.  So voila…!  Thanks Danielle!

Last week started as all good weeks should. With champagne.

Frances Bentley at the Champagne Duval-Leroy Scotland Launch

Frances Bentley at the Champagne Duval-Leroy Scotland Launch Photo by Dan Phillips

The invitation came 3 weeks ago when Miss Mont Blanc and I were on our way to see the Marvellous Mr Mark Beaumont. Sadly we were sharing him with hundreds of other people at the Edinburgh Mountain Film Festival. Amazing event, by the way, do check it out next year if you missed it this time.

Diva with Mark Beaumont - Sun 24 Oct - EMFF

Mark Beaumont and me at the Edinburgh Mountain Film Festival - 24 Oct 10

I arrived early (incredible I know!) at our rendezvous 56 North and bumped into an old friend of mine, Lilian Edwards. I joined her in celebrating her new appointment as Professor of IT Law at Strathclyde University. Congratulations Lilian! And welcome back to Scotland!

Lilian was out with her friend Frances Bentley who is Scotland Sales Manager for Champagne Duval-Leroy. You see where this is going (even though it’s taken me 3 paragraphs to get here since I went via Mark Beaumont. And who can blame me!). Frances invited me to Duval-Leroy’s Scotland launch at Castle Terrace Restaurant which I absolutely adore (read my review here). Frances is the woman the word ‘fabulous’ was invented for – strikingly beautiful, effortlessly stylish with attitude and magnetic charm. And I thought all this before the invite!

Frances Bentley

Frances Bentley

What a lovely evening I had at the Duval-Leroy Scottish Launch. The champagne flowed. And I delighted in the canapés created to complement the wines. Fabulous concoctions such as
* Terrine of foie gras, served with fig jelly, fresh figs and crispy croutons – my favourite
* Mini rabbit and apricot pastilla, served with caramelised almonds and apricot purée.

The champagne was heavenly too, you really must pop in to Castle Terrace and try it.

My happiness cup was full and with all the wonderful people I met that evening – it runneth over. I bumped into Sharon from Bite magazine which I read every month to keep up with foodie goings on on the Edinburgh scene, Jamie at Coriolis Media who was one of the social media gurus delivering workshops on the JCI Social Media Academy recently and Malcolm from Ducks Restaurant – which I really must visit – to name just a few. A perfect start to the week!

Though perhaps Tuesday would have started more brightly had I not lingered so long at Blue Blazer afterwards…

Missoni Magic. Well almost…
The week got even better when Hotel Missoni called to offer me press (ie complimentary) tickets to the super fabulous ‘Intimate Evening with Giorgio  Locatelli’ white truffle dinner last Wednesday. A culinary extravaganza with the Michelin star chef would  have made it worth every penny of the £150 per head ticket price. The bad news was I couldn’t go! But it was so lovely to be asked. And it’s all thanks to Edinburgh Diva!

Giorgio Locatelli

Giorgio Locatelli

The Social Network
I went to see The Social Network with Sunday Brunch Club Film Lovers Group. Have you seen it? If not, you really should. Great story. Well told. It did make me question my fanatical facebook habit. For a millisecond. There’s no way I could go cold turkey! Just thinking about it brings me out in a cold sweat. If you’re a facebook fan you can find me on facebook here and the Sunday Brunch Club on facebook here.  Share the facebook love!

On Friday I was thrilled to see a lovely article about the Sunday Brunch Club on Edinburgh Spotlight. Spotlight is the must-read website for Edinburgh happenings. I love it and was SO excited to appear on it!
Read the article here

Edinburgh Spotlight logo

Why is Spotlight so good?
Well, just this week I heard about three things via Spotlight that I can’t wait to try.
1. Pip’s Dish – the great new ‘pop up’ home restaurant. If you get in quickly you may get a seat for the dinner this Friday
2. Frederick’s Café – lovely new café on Frederick Street
3. Giraffe Parade & Trail – the Stockbridge parade trail. The parade was last week but you can still do the trail!

For the inside track on Edinburgh ‘like’ Edinburgh Spotlight on facebook or follow them on Twitter.

Foodies Freebie
And remember we have our Foodies Festival giveaway.  Have a fun afternoon at the Fest on us!

Next week’s instalment…
Next week check in for my review of this exciting electronics workshop (no that’s not an oxymoron) and our review of the super-popular Charlie & Evelyn’s Table.

 Leave a comment, I’d love to hear from you


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