At 3am this morning I was seduced by Wibiya

 Why did noone tell me before? Social media is sexy.

I told you here that I’m an Outdoor Girl and a Party Girl. I neglected to mention that rather worryingly I’m turning into a Girl Geek*. I get excited about widgets, I seek out forums and I’ve taken to sitting at my computer into the early hours. These are all signs. When I start wearing anoraks we’ll know that there’s no way back…

So hence this post is off-topic. I have to tell you about my new love…

Wonderous Wibiya Toolbar

My new love

At 3am this morning I was seduced by Wibiya. I dreamt about Wibiya and its popups(when I finally made it to sleep because we were busy together way into the early hours) .  This morning the love is still there.

Let me tell you about the object of my desire. Its name is strange, but Wibiya is wonderous, providing social media activity via websites and blogs. I’m not a techie so maybe it’s easier if I show you. Click on the Sunday Brunch Club website here and look at the new toolbar nestling at the bottom of the screen.

Oh and make my day by pressing my buttons. Like us. Tweet us. Love us. All from the Sunday Brunch Club website here. I’m getting excited just thinking about it!

We’re trying it out. Let’s see if the love lasts. It’s down to what you tell us.

 I think it’s a marmite thing. Tell me honestly, do you love it or hate it?
As an SBC website visitor is a thumbs up or thumbs down?
If you have used it, tell me what you think?
If you have a website or blog does it appeal?
And if anyone knows how to get Wibiya for blogs, please tell!

*This whole geekiness thing is down to the power of the JCI Social Media Academy
I’ve had emails asking where we met. I heard about the wonders of Wibiya from The Blog Tyrant Super Blogger Extrodinaire


4 responses to “At 3am this morning I was seduced by Wibiya

  1. That is neat – ta. I think you know rather too many Fabulous People (ahem) who love the Net and don’t wear anoraks to perpetrate such stereotypes!! 😛
    Does SBC have a Xmas party?? I’m always booked at Hogmanay..

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